Reusable Cooling Scarf Gel Neck Wrap

  • Instant cooling: Unique cooling ability could keep cool in hot summer
  • Longer cooling: Someone maybe a bit skeptical when you see such a towel, thinking it would not really keep you cool for too long. However, you can give it a go and find that after each soak of the towel, you will get not less than 90 minutes coolness
  • Ideal for all outdoor activities, such as cycling, golf, camping, climbing, fishing, hunting, hiking, jogging etc. Can be also used in high temperature work, such as construction sites, driving, welding, painting, and various industrial fields

How to use:

1. First used please will ice towel middle part soaked in water, with handle gently rub refrigeration crystal to the uniform, need bibulous seven to ten minutes, products will be natural expansion.

2. Remove with dry towel fabric surface drying, cold can wear on pre department, head and wrist, etc.

3. Usage process ice towel will slowly recovering shape, dry can take the initial deposit.

4. Cold towel re-usable, when use again only soak a minutes.


Washing explanation:

With a few soap is mix in delicate water, will cool towel in water gently shaking catharsis, hanged at the house a cool ventilated place dry dehydration, prevent sun direct illuminate also not with high temperature drying. Products are completely dehydration need a week or longer, dehydration maintains after placed in a cool ventilated place to use. This product can be used repeatedly, product without excitant, without any toxic, but never the entrance!

What's included:

1 * Cooling Scarf