Silicone Hot Water Bottle Water Hand Warmer Microwave Oven Heating

  • Nano-scale technology spraying: After hot pressing, spray the hand oil on 360° outer layer, the surface is smooth and delicate, the touch is soft like baby skin, and it plays the role of anti-adhesive dust.
  • Can be placed in the refrigerator: cold ice packs, scientific cooling, warm in winter, cool in summer.
  • Explosion-proof anti-scalding with high temperature and high pressure setting technology: 150 °C high temperature forging, 2 times hydraulic forming, no plugging, no pressure on the car, eradicating safety hazards from the source.
  • Only you need, I am warm and lingering: warm hands and feet, go to the palace cold, slow back pain, treatment of the shoulder and neck, fever, cold, sprain cold, anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

Material: Silicone + PC + PA + Knitted Sleeve.
Color: Pink, Blue, Gray, Red

When used in a microwave oven:
1. Please take off the braided sleeve
2. Please be sure to fill the bag with cold water to prevent the empty bag from bursting;
3. The heating power of the microwave oven shall not exceed 1500W;
4. Heating time: no more than 3 minutes;
5. In case of additional heating, also calculate the time, please do not time out;
6. If there is an abnormality such as expansion during heating, stop heating immediately.
Also, please do not open the microwave immediately.

1. When not in use, the water is dripped, filled with an appropriate amount of air, and stored in the dark place;
2. Please do not use it for a long time, the combination of hot water bottle and cloth cover is better to prevent high temperature burns;
3. Please do not use children under 3 years old.