Sit-up Assistant Device Sit Up Floor Bar Household Fitness Equipment

  • Premium Material: The base of the situp bar is made of natural rubber. The large suction cup is suitable for a variety of smooth bottoms and has a long-lasting suction.
  • Rugged Design: The sturdy steel frame makes the situp bar extremely durable and it has good support for waist, abdomen, leg and body shaping, which is perfect for hip lifting and muscle exercises.
  • Wide Application: The bar is suitable for tiles, concrete, marble, wood floor and other smooth surfaces.
  • Practical in Use: The high-density soft and comfortable foam of the bar can cushion the feet well during exercise and it is not easy to pain.
  • Lightweight Design: The bar is lightweight and foldable, which does not take up space, and it is compact and portable, which can be easily packed into the bag after folding, and can be taken out for training at any time.


Material: Rubber, Iron

Function: Assist sit-ups, Exercise Abdominal

Size: Rubber suction cup size - 120 * 148mm/4.72*5.83in, High elastic cotton sleeve size length - 112mm/4.41in

What's included:

1 * Sit-up Bar