Smart WiFi Language Translator Device with Voice 2.4 Inch Touch Screen 70 Languages

  • 70 LANGUAGES: The product support 70 international languages in 2-way translations. Thus the translator can assist people to do BUSINESS, JOURNEY, SHOPPING, MAKING FOREIGN FRIEND, LEARNING LANGUAGE in more than 120 countries.
  • EASY TO USE: Link Wi-Fi and hotpot. In the conversation "person A" keep pressing red button and then speak A language, the product will translate A language into B language to "person B" in text and voice. The same way, "person B" keep pressing blue button and then speak B language, it will translate B language into A language to "person A" in text and voice.
  • ADVANCED TRANSLATION TECHNOLOGY: The translator device supports 0.2 seconds translation based on internet speed. Furthermore the powerful translation engine and unique noise-canceling technology make 98% recognition accuracy possible.
  • Ultra-High Capacity: The size of a small candy bar supports 1200mAh Battery that means 6-8 hours playing and 96 hours standby.
  • 2.4 INCH TOUCH SCREEN: The HD colors touch screen leads settings click and language selection easily, just like operate smart phone. In addition the screen can clearly display translation texts to users.

What's included:

1 * Electronic Translators
1 * USB Cable
1 * Manual