Solar Power Ultrasonic Outdoor Mosquito Repellent Bug Zapper with Compass



  • Solar Outdoor Portable: mosquito repeller Solar charging, which can store power Outdoor solar charging, can be used in many places, easy to use.Compass design, a good helper for travel, no longer get lost.
  • Pet Safe:No harmful substances and Eco-Friendly. With this repellent indoor ultrasonic device your house will stay both repugnant to pests and safe for you. Also efficient as ants repellent indoor can be used for fishing accessories for outdoor tourism infant products
  • NonToxic & Eco-Friendly - With our Ultrasonic pest eject say goodbye to the harmful poisons, dangerous chemicals spray, and traps. This pest reject ultrasonic repeller is 100% safe and effective. The Ultrasound waves will not influence the daily life of humans and pets.
  • Exquisite Appearance:No any noise for driving Pest Controller.Drive away many kinds of pest quickly and powerfully. Sound waves repel mosquitoes, spread sound through horns, and interfere .Small and portable, with hooks, compact structure, not taking up space
  • Tips:After receiving the product, please charge it for several hours before using it to prevent the new product from running out of power. Charging method: Place the solar panel in the sun and expose it to the sun. It is recommended to push the switch to "OFF" when charging.

Frequency of sound wave: 5000 - 9000Hz
Operating Power: 0.01W
Working Area: 5 square meter
Charge Mode: Put the device in the sun straightly
Material: ABS
Size :9.5*7*1.6CM

Note: Since different kinds of mosquito can sense different frequency ranges of sound wave, repelling mosquitoes by sound wave is effective for most of mosquitoes, it maybe invalid for some of them.

What's included:

1 * Ultrasonic Outdoor Mosquito Repellent