Thicken 100 Pcs Plant Nursery Bags Non-Woven Plant Grow Bags

  • 【Multiple Size】 Non-woven plant nursery bags with 4 sizes for your multiple use. (Note: the size of the seedling bag is the size of empty nursery bags)
  • 【Eco-friendly Material】Eco-friendly non-woven fabric, non - polluting.
  • 【High seedling survival rate】When transplanting plants, there is no need to remove plant grow bags. The bag can be breathable and melted in the soil, increase seedling survival rate.
  • 【Widely Purpose】Nursery bags are widely used in agriculture, forestry, fruits and vegetables. They can also be used as fruit protection bags, which is waterproof and bird-proof.


20*20cm (Diameter 12* High 14 CM when filled with soil)
20*22cm (Diameter 12* High 16 CM when filled with soil)
25*25cm (Diameter 15* High 17 CM when filled with soil)
28*25cm (Diameter 17* High 16.5 CM when filled with soil)

What's included:

100 Pcs Plant Nursery Bags