Waterproof Disposable Non-Rechargeable Silicone Electric Face Cleansing Facial Cleanser Brush

1.Silicone brush without any abradability gently removes dry dead cells making your skin dull.
2.High frequency pulsation refreshes skin health and vitality, so that your skin is soft, moisturized, smooth and resilient.
3.While it is gently and deeply cleansing the skin, it effectively removes skin impurities, improves skin texture, and glosses your skin bloom natural naturally.
4.Deep cleaning can remove excess oil and promote the absorption of skin to skin care products and cosmetics, so that your skin can freely and comfortably breathe.
5.The smooth arc-shaped soothing ripple brush can effectively relieve facial expresssion lines and dilute the false wrinkles.

Disposable non-rechargeable Electric Facial Cleanser
Vibration frequency:7000 RPM
Working Gears: 2 Mode, 4 Gear
Waterproof rating: IPX6
Material: Silicone + ABS
Battery Life:3-4 Months
Color: Pink, Rose Red

What's included:
1 x Electric Facial Cleansing Brush