Waterproof Outdoor Key Safe Lock Box Password Security Lock

  • EASY TO INSTALL: Screw the key box on wall or door with the included mounting hardware, no power source required
  • EASY TO SET CODE: Easily remove the inside white plastic cover with the included reset key or screwdriver, and turn the screws to the desired code, replace the cover and done.
  • STURDY: Very solid construction, there’s a removable rubber cover to keep the exterior box waterproof and prevents rust or corrosion, have a long time use.
  • SECURE: Screw it into the wall from the inside of the box and all-metal construction to ensure your keys safe in the key box, no worry about breaking in or stealing your keys.
  • VERSATILE: Store keys, proximity cards or others little items for indoor or outdoor, great to hide a spare set of keys in, for the shed, car, etc. for a in case situation, children after school, emergencies access, family/friend access, vacation rentals, property management, realtors etc.
  • Size: 4.13''X2.56''X2.16'' (Inside size 2.75''X1.57''X0.98'')

What's included:

1 x Key safe box
1 x Removable rubber cover
4 x Screws
4 X Nylon expanding wall anchors
1 X Manual
1 X Reset key