Wireless Door Window Motion Sensor Alarm With Security Keypad Pir

  • Detection range: Distance of 3-5 meters, angle of 105 degrees
  • Working voltage: DC 4.5V
  • Alarm sound level: 105dB (decibel)
  • PIR detection range: 5 meters
  • Power: 3 × AA battery (not included)
  • Color: White
  • 105 DEGREES DETECTION ANGLE: This home doorbell alarm provides 105 degrees wide detection angle, and 3-5 meters detection distance, never miss anything happened in the detection area.
  • PASSWORD MODE & LOUD ALARM: If no correct password is received, the alarm will ring and last 30 seconds.105 dB tones can be heard clearly and loudly, this ring will not only alert the neighbors of the intrusion, but scare away the burglar right out of your house
  • PIR INFRARED SENSOR: PIR motion sensor of this home alarm will activate if any movement is detected. Infrared remote sensor detection has high sensitivity and is not affected by light conditions and can work day and night.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: You can directly stick to the door by using adhesive paste. The door alarm has no wire needed, eliminating the trouble of line laying, no affect on decoration and appearance
  • WIDE APPLICATION: The home security alarm can be situated to cover the front door, back door, garage, shed, outbuildings etc.
  • The standby time is 20 seconds after power on and the motion sensor alarm will not detect signal within the 20 seconds, so you must leave the electronic leave detection area within 20s.
  • 20 seconds later, if a person enters the detection area, the motion sensor alarm will have a delay of 20 seconds. This will facilitate the identification of the owner. After 20 seconds, if no correct password is received, there will be a alarm sound of 30 seconds. The alarm volume is 105 DB. 20 seconds after the alarm sound is over, if another person comes into the detection area, it will alarm again and again.
  • During alarm, you can enter the correct password to end the alarm.
  • It is recommended that you regularly check the motion sensor alarm to make sure the work is normal, to avoid missing alarm.
  • When the power-on indicator is dark at startup, the alarm sound becomes smaller, and the false alarm rate of the infrared alarm is high, the battery voltage is generally insufficient, and the battery should be replaced in time.
What's included:
  • 1 x Door Window Sensor Alarm